Vagary Hostel
Vagary Hostel

Vagary Hostel

  • Vagary Hostel
  • Movses Khorenatsi 30/72
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Vagary Hostel located in the center of Yerevan.

Vagary hostel is newly established hostel in the center of the city. From “Republic Square” to “ Vagary hostel ” is approximately 800 meters (12minutes walk by foot). In front of the hostel is standing Saint Gregory The Illuminator church,which is 180 meters from hostel (7 minutes walk by foot).

There is also “ZoravarAndranik” 100 meters far from hostel( 3 minutes walk by foot). 210 meters from “ Vagary hostel ” is situated “Gum market”, which is one of the most vivid places in Yerevan. In this market you can find fresh fruits and vegetables, meat spices , many types of dried fruits, cheeses, traditional Armenian bread, which is called lavash.

950 meters from “Vagary hostel” (13 minutes walk by foot) is available Armenian Vernissage. The market mainly features a collection of different types of traditional Armenian Art works. It is open-air exhibition market functioning on the weekends. There also you can find traditional carpets, old collections pf coins and medallions, books jewelry, musical instruments and even pets are found in Vernissage. Also there are available shopping malls, cafes and stock exchanges.