Marketing and Communications Specialist

  • Yerevan
  • EcoVille LLC
  • 250.000-300.000 AMD
  • Duration: permanent
  • Education: elementary
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Closing Date: February 01, 2019
  • Posted on: January 1, 2019

EcoVille LLC is looking for an experienced Marketing and Communications Specialist to join its team.


  • Development of a marketing and sales strategy for a renewable energy company that sells and services solar photovoltaic panels and solar water heating systems
  • Collection of data for sales to potential customers, including hotels, restaurants, production facilities, etc. and households, also details regarding funds and NGOs
  • Identification of new sales possibilities
  • Market research and customer segment identification for different kinds of products
  • Contacting different potential customers through appropriate means such as social media, E-mailing, telephone, etc.
  • Attending conferences, meetings and industry related events for determining new possibilities
  • Making presentations to various categories of stakeholders
  • Monitoring of sales process and identification of results and achievements
  • Implementation of social media marketing


  • Higher education
  • 3-4 years of experience in marketing and communications
  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledge of English language
  • Ability and openness to obtain some technical knowledge
  • Analytical thinking
  • Willingness to work under pressure

How to apply:
Interested candidates are welcome to send their CV to: or pressing Apply For Job  mentioning the title of the position ("Marketing and Communications Specialist") in the subject line of the letter or call at: 094009600, 077777886


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Marketing and Communications  Specialist

EcoVille LLC

Our Mission is to create the best value for our Customers through complex energy efficiency measures that cover full energy audits, solar heating and solar electricity generation services, and all this through sustainable and carbon-free resources.

Our Vision is to bring energy costs to zero, enabling everyone receive unlimited amount of clean and free-of-charge energy from the biggest source in the world, the Sun, and making them fully self-sustainable.


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