Equiti AM CJSC
Equiti AM CJSC

Equiti AM CJSC

  • Equiti AM CJSC
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Equiti AM CJSC carries out brokerage and other services in the Forex and Derivatives market for Professional and Institutional clients in the CIS and Middle East regions.

Trust is what you need when trading. We know how important it is to ensure the security and integrity of all your trading activity and your trust is of utmost value to us. We diligently work to meet the stringent standards set by the CBA in order to put our client’s best interests at the center of our business.

At Equiti, we understand that talent and human resources are what matter most. We encourage our people to be their best in a productive, healthy and competitive environment.

Equiti Group prides itself on the following values:
Innovation – Equiti embraces innovative technological solutions to stay ahead of its peers, to gain market share and to create shareholder value.
Collaborative Culture – Equiti is proud of its collaborative culture and unifies its resources to expand the boundaries of possibilities and ideas with the goal of achieving excellence.
Ethics – Equiti focuses on leading the industry by applying strong ethical and transparent business practices which will be reflective in the way we interact with our clients, thereby building trust and loyalty.
Freedom of Expressions – Equiti provides a supportive environment that promotes the freedom of ideas and the opportunity to innovate and contribute to new ways of doing things.

To learn more about the Company, please visit: https://www.equiti.am/.

Equiti AM CJSC
Equiti AM CJSC