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Founded in 2009, “WAELCON” LLC is a construction-trading company, licensed to operate in the Republic of Armenia. Due to the time-tested principles and policies, the company occupies leading positions in the market, continuously developing and extending the scope of its activities.

The company’s mission and slogan is to develop and provide Complete Engineering Solutions.
The policy is to maintain its leading positions in all below mentioned directions both as a reliable supplier and as a professional builder.

From the very first days of its establishment, the company employed advanced and knowledgeable specialists, which guarantees highest level of quality and professionalism in the executed works. Due to regular market analysis, continuous self-improvement and ideal business ethics, the company has earned the trust of many international leading manufacturing companies. As a result we have established individual working relationship with each partner in favor of mutually beneficial cooperation.

The Company specializes in the following technical directions:

  • Electricity
  • Calculation and selection
  • Import and supply of wires, cables, power, power-distribution switchboards, distribution and input devices, trays, automatic transfer systems, electrical installation pipes
  • Electrical works


  •  Architectural, Landscape and Interior Lighting
  • Projecting, design and 3D modeling by DIALux and Cinema4D software
  • Import of luminaires, spotlights, lamps and transformers
  • Installation and adjustment works


  •  Water and Sewerage
  • Calculation of external and internal water and sewerage systems, hot and cold water inner and outer networks and pump stations
  • Supply and installation of water and sewerage manholes, rain detectors and filtration systems
  • Import and supply of pumps, pumping stations, pipes and pipe nodes
  • Mounting, installation and adjustment works


  • Ventilation
  • Production of air ducts, mufflers, control valves and other profile details
  • Calculation of ventilation systems, equipment and air ducts
  • Import and supply of air handling units, recirculation and recuperation systems, component parts (sectional cooling systems, air heaters, ventilators, air filters, humidifiers), as well as corresponding automatic control systems.
  • Mounting, installation, automation and adjustment works


  • Air conditioning
  • Calculation of air conditioning equipment, pipelines and air ducts
  • Import of air conditioning systems (chillers, fan coils, compressor-condenser blocks, household, semi-industrial and industrial air conditioners, VRF systems, air moisture / drying equipment, etc.)
  • Installation, automation and adjustment of air conditioning systems


  • Heating
  • Hydraulic calculation of boiler rooms, pipelines and nodes, selection of pumps, boilers, speed heat exchangers, accumulator tanks, water heaters, import and installation of household and industrial boilers, convectors, sectional radiators, pipelines, measuring, filtering and regulating instruments and other heating equipment
  • Integration of automatic control systems
  • Construction of boiler-rooms
  • Mounting, installation, automation and adjustment works


  •  Fountain systems
  • 3D modeling and design of fountain systems
  • Import and supply of fountain systems and corresponding accessories
  • Construction, installation, automation and adjustment works

All engineering planning and calculations are implemented using professional software, such as AutoCAD, 3D MAX, Design Simulator, Conditioning Selection, LightScape, DIALux, Cinema 4D. This enables the employees to clearly demonstrate the real volumes of works and planned final result to the client.

The works are carried out in various production, public and residential buildings, such as factories, business centers, shopping centers, multifunctional buildings hotels, schools, hospitals, restaurants, apartment blocks etc.(You can find more detailed information about our implemented works in our official web site: www.waelcon.am/works ).
“WAELCON” LLC partners are many foreign leading manufacturer companies. We own the exclusive rights of distributorship for a number of brands and companies in Armenia, including: Clint (Italy), Novair (Italy), NED (Russian Federation), Montair (Italy) and LTS Licht (Germany).
Other companies with which we have business partnerships include: VBW Engineering (Poland), Flakt Woods (Finland),MDV (China), OMS (Slovakia), Thorn Lighting (Great Britain), Nowodvorski Lighting (Poland),Forma Lighting (Great Britain), JAGO (Italy), SA-RA (Turkey), Teclumen (Italy), Fujitsu General (Japan), Griven (Italy), Sylvania (Germany), Citylux (Italy), Hammer (China), Fontana Fountains SA (Greece), LEUCOS (Italy), HP trend (Czech Republic), Dekon (China), Lena Lighting SA (Poland), Il Fanale Group (Italy), Hitema (Italy), Zonca (Italy), Sime (Italy), Linea Light (Italy), IEK (Russia), ect.

The reliability and quickness of company’s implemented works are due to the highly qualified administrative team, professional architects, engineers, economists and technical staff, huge experience and innovative technologies.

The staff of “WAELCON” LLC consists of more than 60 employees, specialized in different spheres of activities, including employees working in construction, whose number is regularly growing with the dynamic growth of the organization.

The main infrastructures of the company are:

  •  The Head office:
    Address: 7th floor, 12 V. Vagharshyan St, 0012, Yerevan, Armenia.
    Area: 200 m²
    Located units: Administration, HR department, Finance and Accounting department, Project department, Sales and Import department, Engineering department, Construction subdivision and Conference hall.


  • Logistic center:
    Address: building 120, str. 1, Zovuni, Kotayk region, Armenia,
    Area: 1700 m²
    Located units: second-purpose office, warehouse, Machinery Park, logistics subdivision


  • Production
    Address: building 120, str. 1, Zovuni, Kotayk region, Armenia,
    Area: 460 m²
    Located units: a workshop for the production of air ducts for ventilation and air conditioning systems, regulating valves and other profile details.

With described above capacity and achievements, the company has implemented the “CLOSED CYCLE” principle:
Projecting, adaption of projects, setting working quantities, pricing and estimation of the budget, import of equipment, materials and products directly from manufacturer, producing of components, mounting, installation, automation and adjustment works by own construction resources. The result is ultimate delivery of object to customer with free guarantee service.
The company “WAELCON” LLC shows individual approach to each client and project, by providing complete technical solutions, offering wide range of choices.

Sincerely, “WAELCON” LLC